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Freedomotic first newsletter

Dear Freedomotic user,

this is our first newsletter. Here are some interesting news about Freedomotic Building and Home Automation Framework we think you want to know.

The main project has changed its name from "Freedom" to "Freedomotic". We have a new site domain and new contents like plugins, technical documentation on the wiki, photo galleries and forums.

Our community is growing up with new developers, testers and people interested in building automation, so we want to thank you all.

Software developers will be glad to know that the repository has switched to GIT (software version control) for a better development workflow. If you want to clone the repository the link is

We have enhanced our framework following your suggestions, now it has better performances, lot of bug fixing and new features. The developers of our community have recently added new great plugins like:
  • The TV Object and the new Pioneer Kuro TV Plugin to control Pioneer TVs via USB.
  • OpenWebNet Plugin to communicate with MyHome BTicino systems.
  • Souliss Plugin to communicate with Souliss Arduino library
  • RestApi plugin to expose Freedomotic evironment data using Restlet.  This is useful for example to create third party frontends
  • and much more... to request us more features of your interest write now on our forum

Feedomotic is a collaborative project so we want more people to contribute. We are searching for:
  • developers
  • designers (for GUI and project visual layout)
  • testers (for debugging, improvements, testing on embedded systems)
  • technical writers (for documentation review)

and anybody who wants to say something about building automation.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share with your friends to help us grow.

If you want to develop for Freedomotic join our developers mailing list at to find kind people ready to help you.

Stay tuned for more news!

Best regards,
Freedomotic Staff

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