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BTicino OpenWebNet

Submitted by enrico.nicoletti on 2012, January 5 - 13:10
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BTicino OpenWebNet
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Beta Version
Mauro Cicolella
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This plugin communicates with a BTicino OpenWebNet ethernet gateway.

Supported Hardware: 
Supported Hardware: 


OpenWebNet is a Communication Protocol developed by Bticino since 2000. OpenWebNet Protocol allow a “high level” interaction between a remote unit and Bus SCS of MyHome domotic system. Latest protocol evolution has been improved to allow interaction with well known home automation systems like KNX and DMX512-A system, by using appropriate gateways.

The OpenWebNet protocol is disclosed on MyOpen community.

How to install this plugin

Please follow the instruction for sensors and actuators on the user tutorial.

How to setup the ethernet gateway

Navigate to the folder openwebnet under FREEDOMOTIC_ROOT/plugins/devices. Open the file openwebnet-manifest.xml replacing the "host" key with the address of your MyHome ethernet gateway (by default you find

How to configure lighting (who=1)

The software is capable to detect all configured lights in your BTicino MyHome System. When Freedomotic starts it requires the state of each light and creates a configured object on the environment. Every light has a name in the format WHO*WHERE (eg. 1*11 if your light has address 11). You can change it simply right click on the icon and write the new name string.

Source code

The source code is available here.  Development branch here.




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plugin for web server bticino

Submitted by amenak77 on 2012, January 17 - 15:32.

I've downloaded the "freedomotic_own_test.rar" version for bticino myhome, unzipped, and edited the xml pages in order to change ip values to connect to f453av web server and all works fine!!; i presume this version contains by default the plugin for openwebnet gateways and for web server in particular. The outcome is spectacular if you think that i've spent much time to modify a client openwebnet written in c# into a synoptic which works only as a light control. Very good work. 

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Thank you very much!

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2012, January 21 - 21:25.

Thank you very much!

It's only a first release of the plugin. We are working to add more features and support for alarm, sound diffusion, automatisms and so on. If you want to contribute as developer (in java) or as a tester please contact at this mail If you want you can involve other friends to test the software.

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