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Submitted by gpulido on 2012, August 4 - 19:30
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Web Server
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A modern browser based frontend for Freedomotic.


The latest version is only compatible with 5.6 dailybuilds. To test it please follow these steps.


Dowload the last available 5.6 dailybuild


Open config.xml under FREEDOMOTIC_ROOT/config and set KEY_SECURITY_ENABLE to false


Start Freedomotic, go to Plugins menu and then Install from Marketplace. Choose "Frontends" category and then install Webserver.


This plugins wraps a Jetty embedded web server.

Once the plugin is running the Jetty server address is http://freedomotic_instance_ip:8090 

This server is used to be the holder of the web application client for Freedomotic.

This web application could be used to control the Freedomotic instance using any browser.

As it uses websockets, the browser needs to be a Chrome, Firefox>=10 or IExplorer>=10 (or any browser that implements the websockets feature)




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About latest webserver plugin

Submitted by wilsonkong888 on 2014, April 19 - 04:37.

I have follow the steps and could successfully view the Freedomotic interface on web browser. When I change the light's status in Freedomotic software, the light's status will also change on web browser. However, when I change the light's status on web browser, the status doesn't change in Freedomotic software. Is this function not implemented yet? I am using the latest build "freedomotic-5.6.0-17.d49c8ee" in Windows 7 64-bit environment. Thank you.

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hi, i was pointed to

Submitted by mraeymaekers on 2012, September 8 - 20:46.

hi, i was pointed to freedomotic by an adept like myself on myopen-legrandgroup.

thing is, i made this simple website to control my myhome system.

when i saw the freedomotic screenshots, it raised my interest since you guys can have bidirectional communication with the gateway of bticino.

now, the webserver idea would be ideal for me since i want to control my myhome system using multiple devices.

i was able to download and install the plugin, the webserver is listening on port 8090, but when i go to http://localhost:8090/freedomotic.html  i get error:

Not Found

The server has not found anything matching the request URI

You can get technical details here.
Please continue your visit at our home page.


please help.


kind regards

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webserver url

Submitted by gpulido on 2012, September 9 - 11:30.


Thanks for use freedomotic and the webserver plugin!

The problem that you have is the url, that is "Freeedomotic.html" with the "F" capitalized.

Please let us know if it worked and your comments and idea to improve freedomotic and the plugins.

Best Regards




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